Uber forces Toronto Taxi Cabs to Actually Provide Customer Service

In response to Uber, the Toronto Taxi Alliance (TTA) has developed a list of suggested “2016 New Year’s Resolutions,” to improve customer service and is sharing them with the industry in an effort to address some of the most common complaints heard in the past year. Here they are…

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 6 Point Plan will focus on:

  1. Accepting the first available customer regardless of where they are going.


2. Providing cars which are clean inside and out.


3.  Maintaining a courteous, attentive attitude


4. Ensuring drivers’ cellphones are turned off while a customer is aboard


5. Readily accept all forms of payment – cash, credit card or debit


6.  Respecting cyclists and staying out of bike lanes.


Will the taxis in Toronto change there ways?   Have your say!