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Banking the Unbanked is a $380B Opportunity

Financial inclusion is a key driver in tackling poverty and boosting economic growth. Yet a staggering two billion adults across the world still do not regularly use a bank account or have access to a financial institution via a mobile device. This graphic reveals the the latest data on financial inclusion, which shows a large disparity between different countries worldwide.

Source: Raconteur

Where is Global Growth Happening?

According to forecasts from earlier this year by the World Bank, the global economy is expected to average a Real GDP growth rate of 2.8% between 2017-2019.


But where will this growth actually happen? Is it in giant countries that are growing at a stable 2% clip, or is it occurring in the smaller emerging markets where 8% growth is not uncommon?

Today’s chart looks at individual countries between 2017-2019, based on their individual growth projections from the World Bank, to see where new wealth is being created.

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Minimum Wage Increases in the United States in 2017

CEDR’s 2017 Minimum Wage infographic is a great way to make sure you’re aware of recent changes and are paying all employees properly for their time. Simply hover the mouse cursor over a state to see what changes will occur in 2017, or confirm your state’s current minimum wage. Plus, take a look at your neighboring states to see how your minimum wages compare!
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