SnowMowr App allowing on-demand snow plowing set to launch

SnowMowr Inc. is set to launch a mobile application that will allow residents in several major cities across Ontario to order one-time on-demand snow removal services via their smartphone or computer.

After a year of development and building strategic partnerships, SnowMowr is ready to help people with the unwanted chore of clearing their driveways when the snow hits. With an easy to use interface, home-owners can have a licensed and insured contractor on the way to their home to complete the task within a few clicks.

With the end to end ordering process completed right from their smartphone, customers have the ability to submit a job order from anywhere, for anyone, to any address, regardless of their location. Customers can easily order the service for themselves or loved ones, and can pay directly through their phone via credit card or PayPal. On-site quotes between home-owners and contractors are no longer required.

“We wanted to help make people’s lives easier and the winter months more bearable, and we feel we’ve done that with this application. Not only are clients gaining access to contractors at the touch of a button, but it’s coming from a trustworthy source at a reasonable price. Our goal was to provide a service that is easy to use, convenient, trustworthy and affordable and we’ve achieved that,” Omid Manoussi, Co-Founder.

SnowMowr Inc. is also changing the way contractors receive job requests, streamlining the on-call process for all of snow removal partners. Partners simply open the application and accept jobs in any area they wish to service, turning what was once downtime, into more money.

“Every contractor that we’ve signed up so far is excited about what we’re doing. We have found a way to help contractors continue to make money while their trucks are on the road. Whether they want to pick up jobs while going along their route, or take on a few more when they’ve completed everything else, we have the solution for them. How much or how little they use this service is at their discretion. We are very pleased with the partnerships that we’ve created and we continue to see a great response to anyone new we speak with.” Bryce Potter, Co-Founder.

SnowMowr will be introduced in Ottawa, London, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Windsor and Sudbury with more cities to come.

SOURCE Snowmowr