delivers Baked Goods within 90 minutes to satisfy Torontonians’ Holiday Sweet Cravings, the first-ever online bakery marketplace, has launched a new on-demand program, just in time for the holiday season.

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Shopbake’s new on-demand program allows Torontonians to order and receive delicious baked goods within 90 minutes, solving one’s sweet craving by offering a convenient online portal for ordering sweets at the tough of your fingertips.

With a guaranteed 90-minute delivery time, customers can place an order by sharing their postal code and selecting their desired items. With its fast turnaround, Shopbake’s On-Demand program is a great gift option for Torontonians’ this holiday season, with the ability to gift loved ones, friends, and colleagues quickly with mouth-watering treats.

In addition to this, Shopbake has unveiled a new website design in order to enhance the user experience. From the desktop to mobile, buyers can enjoy Shopbake’s fresh look that has geo-targeting, better search functionality and is highly responsive. For participating bakeries, the website’s backend is more refined for the user.

“My team and I have used customer feedback as a starting point to create a more sophisticated platform to enhance the user experience for both buyers and sellers,” says Monica Abramov, founder of “Our goal is to create an online bakery shopping experience that is fast, intuitive, delicious and of course, on-demand.”

Bakeries and confectionary companies who are participating in Shopbake’s On-Demand program include Mary Macleod’s Shortbread, Toronto Popcorn Company, Sweets from the Earth, For the Love of Cake, Rose and Cole Crackey and Shopbake’s own signature kitchen.

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