“Made in Germany” is World’s Favourite Brand

“Made in Germany” is the most highly regarded quality label for goods and services around the world, outshining other major exporting nations’ trust marks such as “Made in USA” or “Made in UK”. This is one of the findings from Statista’s Made-In-Country Index (MICI).

Statista, one of the world’s leading databases for business-relevant facts and information, sought to find out which countries around the globe enjoy the best reputation as countries of manufacture and exporting nations. Statista therefore surveyed some 43,000 consumers in 52 countries about countries’ quality labels. The result is the Made-In-Country Index 2017 – a global ranking of countries and an indicator of the power of the individual nations’ brand image.

Here are the results: “Made in Germany” takes prime position and is therefore the world’s leading quality label. The label’s first-place position is mainly due to positive ratings in the product categories “quality” and “security standards” along with the overall popularity of “Made in Germany” across many countries in the world.

Switzerland is in second place and received very high ratings from around the world in the categories “status symbol” and “authenticity”. Italy excels with regard to design, while Japan received the best “advanced technology” ratings of all countries. China outshines others regarding “price/performance ratio”.

The USA just scrapes into the Top 10: All in all, the USA ranks eighth and is thus behind countries such as Great Britain, Sweden, and Canada. The United States is furthermore among those countries, whose global reputations have worsened the most over the course of the past twelve months, suggesting a ‘Trump effect’. But the USA is not the only example of the fact that major political changes do have a noticeable effect on the image of certain countries of manufacture. Turkey’s and Greece’s scores are also linked to recent political developments that damaged both countries’ reputations.

The bronze medal is taken by the “Made in EU” label, which was established as late as in 2003 by the EU commission. The label primarily owes its positive reputation to consistently high global ratings. Thus, not only consumers from European Community countries such as, for instance, Sweden and Great Britain, have faith in the label, but also respondents from outside the EU. For example, “Made in EU” took top places in almost all South American countries (e.g. Argentina and Colombia).

Rank Country Index
1 Germany 100
2 Switzerland 98
3 European Union 92
4 United Kingdom 91
5 Sweden 90
6 Canada 85
7 Italy 84
8 Japan 81
9 France 81
10 USA 81
11 Finland 77
12 Norway 77
13 Netherlands 76
14 Australia 75
15 New Zealand 73
16 Denmark 73
20 Spain 64
30 Argentina 42
42 India 36
49 China 28

The Made-In-Country Index 2017 report can be downloaded here: https://www.statista.com/page/Made-In-Country-Index. This website also features an interview with the studys project manager which you may directly quote from along with many infographics about the individual country rankings. If you would like to receive the full report, please send an email to thorsten.wiese@statista.com

SOURCE Statista GmbH