KFC Schools Customers, Colonel Sanders Style

KFC Canada is opening its doors and letting customers behind the counter with the world’s first KFC Cooking School. On Saturday, March 12, 2017 class is in session as students have the chance to attend one hour classes at locations in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto where they’ll learn how to cook KFC’s finger lickin’ good chicken.

Although KFC franchises around the world have allowed customers and fans behind the scenes in the past, letting the public cook their own meals is a KFC world-first. “We’ve heard our consumers say they want to know more about what they’re eating, so we’re giving them the chance to learn exactly what goes on in a KFC kitchen,” says Beverley D’Cruz, Marketing Director, KFC Canada. “Real cooks are at the heart of every KFC kitchen. They make our chicken from scratch every day, using real chicken sourced from farms across Canada, prepared with the same time and pride you would at home. We’re giving our customers the chance to find that out first-hand.”

Not only is the chicken served at KFC restaurants 100% real, Canadian farm-raised chicken, but every single piece is hand-breaded and cooked with pride by real KFC cooks. In the past six months, every KFC cook went through recommitment training to ensure that they continue to take the care to hand-bread every piece of chicken, just the way KFC founder Colonel Sanders did in 1952. Now KFC is offering the same training to its customers, giving them the opportunity to sign up and learn from KFC’s own dedicated cooks the proper nine step, 30-minute process to cook KFC chicken from scratch.

“I have so much respect for KFC cooks,” says Bob Blumer, celebrity chef and KFC spokesperson, who was in Toronto to help announce the KFC Cooking School. “This is not easy! The Colonel’s Way is serious business and these cooks take as much care to follow every step to get the perfect product every time, exactly the way I do when I’m creating one of my own recipes.”

The KFC Cooking School is part of KFC’s larger scale recommitment to its heritage that began with Colonel Sanders and his passion for creating great-tasting fried chicken for over 60 years. Since 2010, KFC Canada has been actively improving its customer experience, which includes the revitalization of its stores, an awareness campaign surrounding it’s 100% real, Canadian farm-raised chicken and increased transparency about its cooks and their commitment to not only doing things the right way, but the Colonel’s Way when it comes to cooking KFC chicken.

How Can Canadians Attend?

  • Visit www.KFC.ca/KFCcookingschool to select your location, preferred time and sign up.
  • Registration opens on Monday, February 27, 2017 and closes once all classes are full.
  • To register and reserve a spot, prospective students are asked to make a $5 tuition deposit, which is donated directly to Add Hope, KFC’s global CSR initiative.