Grand prize won in Québec for the first time – $1,000 per day for life

Lady Luck had a really great present for Céline Meilleur on the day after Christmas! The Montréal area resident is the first in Québec to win the Grande Vie grand prize of $1,000 per day for life. The winner chose the lump sum of $7,000,000 to make her every dream come true!

After two days of celebrations, Ms. Meilleur decided to relax on the day after Christmas, which was Grande Vie draw day.  On the 27th, she went out to run some errands and checked her lottery tickets using the self-serve checker. Ms. Meilleur first scanned her Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max tickets and continued with her Grande Vie ticket: the machine indicated that she’d won the special prize!

The winner then asked the retailer to validate her ticket. The characteristic winning musical notes confirmed that Ms. Meilleur had won $1,000 per day for life Excited, the winner started to collect the groceries she came to buy when, halfway through the chore, she thought: “What am I doing? I’m not hungry! She hurried home to call her loved-ones to announce the incredible news.

When she came to claim her cheque accompanied by her two sisters and a brother, Ms. Meilleur spontaneously said she wants to take a trip abroad in 1st class as well as buy a new car and new home. “I’m already well into my retirement; it’ll only get better now!”

SOURCE Loto-Québec