Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp’s Partners

The table below provides an update summary of Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp’s partners, estimated future production to CW at fully capacity and CW’s equity ownership, as of May 19, 2017:

Annual Expected Ownership
Stream Name Province Licensing Stage Production for CW (Kg) %1
2368523 Ontario Limited(Curative Cannabis) ON Pre-Affirmation 15,000 46%
Artiva Inc. ON Early-Stage 17,800 16.70%
Beleave Inc. ON Cultivation License 15,000 49%2
Broken Coast Cannabis Ltd. BC Sales License 15,000 10%, 49%2
Cannabco Pharmaceutical Corp. ON Pre-Affirmation 5,300 15.30%
Cannahort Agriculture Ltd. NS Pre-Affirmation 10,400 18.20%
CannTx Life Sciences Inc. ON Affirmation Letter 1,980 16%
Evergreen Medicinal Supply Inc. BC Cultivation License 6,600 6.60%
Great White North Growers Inc. QC Affirmation Letter 8,300 17.60%
Green Relief Inc. ON Sales License 115,500 24.45%
Harvest One Cannabis Inc. BC/SK Cultivation License 18,000 49%2
Lotus Ventures Inc. BC Pre-Affirmation 6,000 15.60%
PlanC BioPharm Inc. BC Affirmation Letter 7,000 49%
Sundial Growers Inc. AB Affirmation Letter 5,500 18.35%

1 These are estimates based on current funding commitments and assume that CW has provided the streaming partner with the aggregate contribution amount set out in each streaming agreement. Some agreements have floating valuations which can impact ownership percentages at time of funding. 2 Represents equity in a new applicant.

Early-Stage” indicates that the streaming partner’s application is currently being reviewed internally by such streaming partner to determine whether it will amend its current application for resubmission pursuant to the ACMPR, acquire an existing LP or enter into a joint venture with an existing LP whereby such existing LP will use the streaming partner’s current facility and related application materials to submit an LP application pursuant to the ACMPR.

Pre-Affirmation” indicates that the LP applicant has yet to successfully proceed past the “Review” stage of the licensing processing. Once an LP applicant completes the “Review” stage of the licensing process, Health Canada will issue an “Affirmation Letter” which requires among other things, the LP applicant to provide an affirmative response to Health Canada that all necessary security features are present, installed and operational at the proposed facility. Upon providing an affirmation response to Health Canada, a Pre-Licensing Inspection will be scheduled for the proposed facility.

Source: Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp