Amazon aims to crush clothing retailers with Amazon ‘Prime Wardrobe’

Amazon, which has been making a big push into selling clothes, is testing a new service that lets members of its Prime program try on styles before they put items on their charge card — at no upfront fee.

Here’s how it work:

  • Customers have seven days to decide what they like, and
  • Pay only for what they keep
  • Shipments arrive in a re-sealable box with a pre-paid label for returns.
  • Customers get 10 per cent off if they keep three or four items, or 20 per cent off for five items or more.

A decade ago, Jeff Bezos said “In order to be a $200 billion company we’ve got to learn how to sell clothes and food.”  Amazon is already a $200 billion company, but maybe this will help it get to a trillion.